Keto Journal: Days 9-11

This will be a short Keto Journal entry because things haven’t been changing much. I’m still eating how I should, drinking what I should and taking it day by day.

I haven’t noticed much in the way of body size difference and I have this nagging thought that my next weigh-in won’t be too impressive. I’m not sure why this is, but I hope this negative thought gets out of my mind soon.

For the most part, I am feeling warmer. I’m not sure if this is due to the weather or the fact that my metabolism is being boosted. The fullness and pressure I was feeling after eating has settled a bit and I’m sooooooo thankful for that!

My husband has been a big help by purchasing Keto friendly foods from the “big city” of Minot. Avocados, pork skins, grass fed butter and macadamia nuts are all part of my menu lineup now.

I also joined a Facebook low-carb group which is interesting to say the least. I see so many people going about this in the wrong way – or a way much different than mine. So on that note, don’t think that just because you are doing Keto and only eating 950 calories you’ll lose loads of weight. And, realize that most foods have some form of carbohydrates in them…even carrots…which I’m choosing not to eat BTW.

I think the thing we need to understand is that we don’t want the body to feel like its being starved of everything. We only want it starved of carbohydrates. This is the main reason I haven’t been counting calories. I just want to focus on the ratio percentages of 75% fat, 20% protein and 5% carbs.

So, if you are considering this way of eating, it’s probably best to not listen too closely to a lot of these groups. I find myself wanting to give advice even though I know I’m not an expert…NOT the thing to do. Stick to what you know, what you’ve researched and be strict for a while. After a week you’ll start to identify how and where you can be flexible with what you eat.


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