Keto Journal: Days 15-17 & Crustless Pizza! Yay!

Current Weight 153.8

As predicted, the scale didn’t show much movement during Monday’s weigh-in. I’m not seeing much of a difference in the fit of my clothes but I’m transitioning to warmer weather clothing which I knew would be tight anyhow.

My husband chalks my “static thickness” up to gaining muscle because I’ve been outside and working more…to the tune of 25,000 steps per day. I’m not sure I buy that, but maybe his positive thinking will rub off on me.

The food I’m consuming is still pretty much the same, but over the last few days I’ve started to crave sweets again. As strict as I’ve been with my foods, I hope to feel and see the positive results soon.

Behold Crustless Pizza!

On the subject of food, you’ve got to try this awesome take on pizza. Place shredded mozzerella cheese in a pan, top with pepperoni, Italian seasoning and spinach. Delicious! You can even add tomato sauce and other toppings – there’s no limit to your creativity – just nothing with carbs!

Oh, by the way, those Avocado Chocolate cookies in the freezer…they are awesome cold!

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