Keto Journal: Days 18-21

Current Weight 153.2

As my husband might tell you, the difference between last week’s weight and this week’s is a nice sit on the throne. Of course the steak and shrimp I ate over the weekend probably didn’t help but I did try to control my portion sizes somewhat. Just maybe, I did pig out on the shrimp a bit, but we don’t get that too often here on the farm!

I’m finding less of a need to snack these days. I still like sweets (always will love chocolate) but I’m pulling back a bit on the chocolate peanut butter fat bombs…they are still calories! Now and then I have even been enjoying a couple strawberries which are heavenly!

As far as my ketone strips show, I’m still in ketosis which is good but I’m pretty sure I need to limit my calories a bit more. A deficit is a deficit…it will force my body to start burning its own fat!

I’ve been slacking on my water consumption over the past week. Being so busy outside and with the spring winds being as brisk as they have been, I dry out fast. Water, water, water…I need it to get rid of all the bad stuff. From excess ketones, uric acid, to other toxins being released as my body delves into it’s own fat stores, water is critical. My goal this week is to get back on board with the fluids.

One huge issue over the past few days has been difficult to discern the exact cause. My fingers, wrists and elbow joints have been killing me! The stiffness is making me feel like I have sausage fingers. I’m guessing the lack of water hasn’t helped or perhaps I need some extra minerals. All of the hammering I’ve been doing to build chicken pen fencing adds to my discomfort and is probably the largest contributing factor. The other body aches I can solidly blame on the 20k+ steps I’m taking daily!

Other than that, things seem to be going pretty well. I graciously declined cookies and scotcharoos at work. My husband continues to be very thoughtful by not eating or drinking things he knows I shouldn’t have. And…I might add, the Shirataki Pasta Carbonara With Chorizo we had for dinner earlier in the week was THE BOMB!


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