Keto Journal: 1 Month Summary

Current Weight 150.4

At the end of my first month I’m feeling pretty good about being on the Keto diet. After losing about 10 pounds so far, I am happily noticing small changes in how my clothes fit! This week’s weight loss has been surprising and I’ll share with you exactly why.

I’m exploring deeper into the types of foods I can eat while staying within the limitations I have set for myself (20-30 carbs per day). I’ve allowed myself a random carbohydrate here and there such as 1 Dorito or 3 small spoons of baked beans when we’ve cooked out. Yes, I even had a few swigs of my husband’s beer and survived to tell about it! Bud Light Orange is awesome BTW! And…thanks to a friend to introduced me to Michelob Ultra – I had an entire beer to myself!

While all of my “cheating” was going on, I did notice my Ketone urinalysis sticks stayed relatively stable (thanks to my Ketogenix Prime supplement) until one day, Ketones didn’t register at all. Admittedly, this initially had me worried but I will note that this particular day I did not cheat! I was drinking a TON of water while outside in 80 degree weather putting a greenhouse together. Lots of water dilutes ketone concentrations.

After a little research I also determined that registering higher levels of ketones at this point was NOT CRITICAL. Some information indicated, around weeks 3 & 4 the body acclimates to using ketones. It can, in theory, become so efficient in the way it uses ketones for fuel there just isn’t a large excess. Especially when the body is working hard and burning fuel. Little to no excess essentially means there is nothing being excreted in the urine.

Ketone urinalysis sticks are a little controversial in the first place as they only register certain types of ketones. They are not extremely accurate but starting out they at least gave me some indication on my ketone production. That and they were cheaper than any other form of testing.

I might also mention that before my ketone dip I had a day where I DESPERATELY NEEDED A NAP. It was early on in the day, I was home, but I felt like I just couldn’t go on. I napped from 9am to noon and Lord it felt good! That was my only struggle this week.

The aches in my hands, wrists, elbows and my feet are still there. At this point I’m just chalking it up to yard and garden work. Weeding can do that to a person. Especially, when you were dormant all winter!

For now, another order for some Keto friendly items has been made. More Miracle Noodle products such as the angel hair pasta and rice have made great vehicles for carbonara and stir fry. Macadamia nuts will be a repeat but I added some confectioners Swerve sweetener and Almond Flour to list so I can experiment a bit more.

Speaking of experiment, I did make some Cloud Bread this week. Eggy, fluffy, bread-like, yet no where near the texture of bread. It was ok and I did make both rounds (for buns which didn’t work) and flats. The flats I chose to use in much the same manner as French toast and worked well topped with sugar-free vanilla bean pastry cream and berries.

Another tidbit of information I came across when looking for Keto snacks is the idea of Net Carbs. Let me tell you this, DO NOT put your faith in something that only advertises Net Carbs. Read the full nutritional label to determine the total carb count per serving. In most cases, the gram count will be much higher!

Net carbs only indicate the amount of sugar in a product. If the item also has any form of fiber, the actual carb count will be much higher. Knowing that I have been super restrictive with my carbohydrate intake, under 20-30 grams daily, this fiber count can mean big things for my overall carb totals.

Anyhow, I’m off to start my second month eating Keto. My morning breakfasts at this point start with Bullet Proof Coffee (BPC) but I don’t always whip up my famous 1 egg omelette.

Eating really depends on how my body feels at the moment. If I’m hungry, I eat. If I feel my gas tank is getting low, I have a fat bomb, although not nearly as often as I had in the previous weeks. And yes, at times I will cheat, but I cheat small and still account for the carbs I choose to consume.



  1. Can’t wait to read more! Nice to hear what other ” real”! People are going thru! Thank you- I think you ROCK!!


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