Keto Journal: Week 5 Summary

Current Weight: 150.2

I have to say, this past week was pretty much a bust. The scales didn’t show much movement and I could tell even before I stepped up on that platform.

I’m in a slight rut with the variety of foods I’ve been consuming. I’ve simply gotten tired of eating the same old things. This in turn has made me not interested in eating, not that I’m really all that hungry.

Between work and trying to get the garden spaces prepped, I have been super busy. This makes for long days with less time to think about popping a fat bomb in my mouth. I think perhaps my body is trying to hold on to what it can. As with any amount of weight loss, that last 10 pounds is always stubborn!

Besides that, I have been cheating on my liquid intake a bit. Garden work with my husband usually includes beer which, yes, I’m guilty, I’ve taken a few sips! Not enough to bump me over my carbohydrate allotment but still, I need to be drinking water.

My water consumption or decreased supplementation intake (with minerals) might be a large factor in the ongoing leg aches I’ve been experiencing at night. Either that or the fact that I’m still putting in nearly 20,000 steps daily. Either way, I need to cut out the random sips of beer and take a swig of Ketogenix PRIME Orange Blast instead.

Speaking of cheating, it wasn’t only the liquids that had my attention! For Mother’s Day we did go out for steak and lobster night at a local bar. I had that Michelob ULTRA along with 1/2 a piece of garlic toast and a sampling of hash browns. Oh, and let me not forget to mention that side of fried okra I happily consumed earlier in the week!

What have I learned from all this nonsense? If I want to keep seeing the scales move lower, I need to stick to my guns. I’ve also learned that cheating is ok, ONLY IF, its worth it. The cold, not crispy hash browns and ultra processed garlic toast wasn’t good enough to cheat for! The okra on the other hand, that was pretty darned good.

Next time, bring on a wood fired pizza with real crust, an awesome full-on bun hamburger with to-die-for sweet potato fries complete with ranch to dunk them in or even that Dairy Queen peanut butter cookie dough blizzard I’ve been dreaming of. Only then, will carb cheating be supremely worth it. I’ll still feel guilty, but at least I’ll be in heaven doing it.

Needless to say, the next day I jumped right back onto the Keto bandwagon. I’m going in hot and heavy with my supplements, fat bombs, foods and water drinking. I have a goal and I am going to reach it!


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