Keto Journal: Week 6…What A Week It Was

Current Weight: 148.4

On the first day of Week 6 I was hit with a migraine. I haven’t had one in over a year, so as soon as the visual (aka aural migraine) disturbances hit, I was not thrilled. There’s nothing quite like being in the middle of cleaning a chicken poop covered waterer and realizing you can’t see part of what you are doing. Besides that, knowing you HAVE to get it completed before you can take some ibuprofen to ward off the brain throbbing.

Quite honestly, I’m not surprised a migraine occurred since they typically happen more often when I’m losing weight. I chalk it up to excess toxins and hormones being released from the body fat that I’m losing.

I’m not sure exactly how much my hormones fluctuate as I lose weight but I look at it like this. I’m on HRT due to a full hysterectomy I had at the age of 28. For the most part I don’t experience estrogen fluctuations due to the fact my patch delivers fairly constant levels each week. However, fat is known to store excess estrogens as well as toxins. When this fat is burned, where to these things go? You got it! They circulate around the body and are eventually excreted. While they are circulating, the body just has to deal with the consequences…for me, this typically means a migraine.

In addition, the more chocolate and coffee I consume also plays a part in the frequency of my migraines (fat bombs and BPC come to mind). Add to that any nitrates found in things like bacon and sausages, you have yourself the perfect storm!

Half way into the week I started to realize the old adage, “Once a cheater, always a cheater,” is pretty accurate. Yes, I’m talking about food here folks!

I had a lone veggie and noodle stir fry packet in my freezer. It was the full-carb, single serving type that you can purchase from Sam’s Club and trust me when I say this, they are delicious. I’m generally the only one who consumes them because I covet them like they were my life’s blood. Because I was lazy, because my husband already ate, because I was unprepared and didn’t plan a meal ahead of time during planting season, I caved. Purely my own fault.

Now, as I had mentioned in a previous post about cheating and whether or not its worth it. This cheat – was A-MAZ-ING! And as before, I am right back on the Keto train the next day. As there are no more veggie noodle stir fry packets left, I can no longer be tempted. Needless to say, I learned my lesson on being prepared in light of such weaknesses.

I pressed forward by making a few really great meals this week. Country-style boneless pork ribs, oven roasted Brussel sprouts, home grown brined chicken breasts, mayo and herb smothered chicken quarters served with fresh garden asparagus. Oh, and I even managed to make Fathead bread rounds to use as sandwich buns or as breakfast toast. It was delicious BTW – closest thing to bread I’ve had in a month and a half!

I also happened to make a fairly Keto friendly rhubarb crisp this weekend. I’ll write a little blog on the recipe I came up with later. It was the perfect way to end a long spring day of work in the garden. I even surprised my husband by being able to partake in something that quite frankly, tasted just as if I was cheating.

I totally stood on those scales this morning not expecting to see any movement at all. Honestly, I wouldn’t have been surprised if they moved in an upward direction, instead of downward! It turned out to be a good way to start week 7…whew!

Almost down 2 pounds this week in spite of the cheating. I guess this is a good example of getting back up on that horse if you fall off. You can still impact your weight-loss….even if you have a weak moment….or three!

Cheers folks!


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  1. Amazing dedication through the highs and lows of your Keto journey. Thank you again for being transparent about the challenges and successes. Hope no more migraines come your way. Congratulations!!

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