Keto Journal: Mid-Week 7 & A Change Of Gears

If you thought week 6 was a hoot, entering into week 7 just made my Keto journey a little uncertain. I was really feeling good after weighing in at the end of my 6th week. I felt positive that I was on the right track and still heading in the exact direction I wanted to go. But, that was Monday.

Tuesday started off decent but while out mowing the lawn, things took a turn. I had an incredible urge to go back to the house so I could use the bathroom…which makes sense given the fact I had BPC and my supplement drink that I was currently sipping on. Sparing you the details, I peed very little and looked down to find that I had passed blood in my urine.

My immediate thought? Bladder infection. I went to the local clinic and infection was not the cause. So I was left with 2 very possible options to consider next, either kidney stones or the bumpy ride with the garden tractor caused some irritation to the urethra via the sling procedure I had years earlier. Of course it could be more serious but I had to rule out the most obvious reasons first.

On top of this new issue, my blood pressure was high. High enough in fact, that the doctor took pressures 3 times and told me she was not comfortable with it being so high. She even told me to come in for free readings during the week so we could track it. If she had her way, she would have placed me on medication right then and there!

So, where do I go from here? Well, since I wasn’t sick, didn’t have a fever, no pain beyond feeling the sting of needing to pee…we agreed to watch things for a few days. I had to lay off the caffeine (my body doesn’t react well), sodium and bouncing around on that tractor. I honestly felt that my Keto train just hit a brick wall! I went home, loaded up on water, no more Keto supplement drink (high in sodium), sat down on the couch and ate some blueberries. Why not?

And here’s a fun fact…or not so fun. Those on the Keto diet have higher incidence of kidney stones. This is one very large reason why water intake is SO important! In light of my current issue, my Keto Journal posts may graduate to a Going Off Keto Journal or even a Cyclical Keto Journal.

From what I’ve read, I should be prepared to slowly introduce good carbohydrates back into my diet. Water weight gain is fairly typical, cravings come back, high but fleeting energy as the body starts using carbs again and ugh, that dreadful afternoon energy slump!

For now, I’m trading in my caffeinated morning coffee for no-caffeine tea and a Keto-Style omelette. Supplements are put away and I’ll be consuming lots and lots of water…bring on the Mio water enhancers! I will keep my goal of limiting refined and processed sugars…however, now I may choose to indulge if someone brings scotcharoos to work! Fewer salts will be on the menu, bye bye pork skins! I am contemplating not shying away from healthy and nutritious fruit, below ground veggies, honey, maple syrup or that occasional whole grain bread.

Hopefully, everything will start to clear up before I officially hit week 8!


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