Transitioning Off The Keto Diet

Current Weight: 148.4

I had heard that the transition off eating Keto would likely bring weight back on. Mostly, in the form of water which I hoped I could tackle by eating right and maintaining my current water intake. For now, I consider myself lucky, my weight hasn’t fluctuated a whole lot. In fact, 2 days ago the scale said 147.6 which is still a step in the right direction. Today’s official weigh-in increase (.4 pound) is likely due to the fact I still had on undergarments and drank water right before. Not a big deal.

What I can say about the transition is that I find old issues are creeping back in. Hunger pains, cravings and the telltale burn of a possible duodenal ulceration is once again whispering to me. In addition, my teeth and tongue are experiencing that funky coating I experienced prior to Keto. Bye bye silky teeth! So, why is that? It all boils down to carbohydrates.

Let me tell you this, I need to eat better. I find myself falling back into my old habits. I may not be eating 5 cookies in one sitting, but I do find that I’m reaching for easy to consume carbohydrates instead of fresh veggies, protein and healthy fats. Time to start researching Paleo and make another commitment to myself and my health!

For me, Keto was a sure fire way to get some of the weight off. I ate from the program I set for myself (see my blog about Getting Started with Keto), I didn’t count calories and once I got past the sugar cravings, I always felt satisfied. Keto works…but for me, Keto was a temporary, short-term solution to start slimming down.

The real world is filled with carbohydrates! What I clearly see now is many of us survive mainly off the consumption of carbs as the majority of our daily diet. While the body utilizes carbohydrates easily, many of the carbs we choose to consume are not quality fuel. Processed junk, breads, sugars (hidden sugars), starches and so on…they are not foods as nature intended. Couple those carbs with fat, there is no wonder why we have obesity and disease running rampant in America.

This morning, in effort to regain control, I’m dialing back breakfast to be more reminiscent of what I ate while eating Keto. An egg omelette minus the heavy cream, cooked in olive oil instead of bacon fat, with spinach and a sprinkle of shredded cheese. Fresh blueberries round out the meal with a dose of healthy carbohydrates. My splurge? Coffee with sugar sweetened vanilla flavored creamer…which BTW…I would have been just fine with almond milk and my stevia sweetener.

*Note to future self* I will be forgoing the flavored creamer starting tomorrow!

What the Keto diet has taught me has been invaluable. At nearly 45 years of age, it was time I took more control and responsibility over what I was choosing to put in my body. Never before had I given much thought or attention to nutritional labels – not beyond the calorie count anyhow. Food is more than mere calorie content.

Food is nutrition which by definition is something that nourishes and nurtures the body. Simple sugars can’t do that. God has it right! If He created food to grow from the ground, THAT is exactly how and what we should be eating. Sure, from time to time, that sweet treat can be a fun splurge, He doesn’t deny us that…but He gives us the choice. All we have to do is make the commitment to ourselves and our health.


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