Transition To Paleo: Waving Goodbye To The Keto Way Of Eating

While I have not officially had my follow up appointment with my Primary Care Physician, I have already made the decision to go Paleo – instead of full blown Keto. My hope is that this will ease any kidney side effects I may have been experiencing. Although, I have no confirmation that Keto was in fact the cause of blood in my urine – it felt like a good time to wave goodbye to the Keto way of eating.

Over the past two weeks, my intent was to transition off the Keto Diet by slowly increasing my carbohydrates the healthy way. Consuming a wider variety of fruits and higher carb veggies, I dove straight in. So deeply I dove, right past healthy and straight into seasonal spring rhubarb pie, ice cream, hamburgers and french fries. NOT the way to transition.

Without a well planned outline of acceptable foods, I found that transitioning off of Keto was fairly difficult. Overindulgence is likely a very common hurdle for many people going off Keto, causing them ultimately to gain back some weight. I’m sure many folks also find it hard to keep up on their water intake, a large cause of water retention weight gain. Luckily, water consumption has been easy for me – it was the one, and only, goal I did have when I decided to go off Keto.

So, Paleo. I’ve heard it described like this…if a caveman wouldn’t eat it, neither should you. Non-processed meats off the animal (preferably grass fed), organic veggies directly from the ground and NO PROCESSED SUGAR.

Curious about the carbohydrate values, I Googled to see exactly how carbs would stack up on the Paleo Diet VS the Keto Diet. What I learned is this, for weight maintenance and general health I should stay between 100-150 grams of carbohydrates per day. For moderate weight loss, the aim should be 50-100 grams and expedited weight loss, less than 50 grams. Keep in mind, on the Keto diet I was trying to stay under 30 grams of carbohydrates per day…so 50 grams would still cause the body to go into ketosis.

Because I’ve lost a good 12 pounds, my carb goals will be more relaxed – somewhere between 75-100 grams of carbohydrates. This is quite generous considering what foods I will be eating – I will certainly enjoy the flexibility!

In any case, in the end, my doctor can help give me a little better direction come July. First things first, to make sure nothing serious is wrong with my bladder/kidneys. And two, make sure my blood pressure is back down where it should be, sans the sodium filled Keto supplement.

The Paleo train will be leaving the station soon, so stay tuned! Once again…I plan to have a plan. To back me up, I will also have a garden full of fresh, homegrown fruits and vegetables, farm fresh eggs and self-raised meat. I may even attempt to get my yoga groove back on!


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