Paleo Update: Not Gonna Lie – It Has Been Tough

Current Weight: 149.0

Like the title, I’m not going to lie…sticking strictly to the Paleo Diet has been tough for me. It’s summer, it’s hot, I like my cold (alcoholic) beverages, ice cream and grilled meat! To make matters worse, I’m still waiting for garden harvested fruits and veggies to reach maturity.

The part of me dedicated to the Paleo diet seems to think my garden harvest will make following the meal plan easier. The more indulgent side, well, that side is saying it doesn’t want to give up hot weather treats just yet. Quite the conundrum. But, do I have to eat a plan perfectly to lose weight?

The answer to that question is NO. I don’t have to eat a plan perfectly to lose weight. I just have to eat better.

As far as the weight loss goes, the Keto loss of 12 pounds has been holding fairly firm. I’m fluctuating 1-2 pounds depending on what I eat, the temperature outside, water retention and any bodily functions I may be behind on. <–I had to snicker at that last one.

In any case, I am under 150 pounds which is typically where my body comfortably likes to be. My clothes fit great, although I do have a few pairs of jeans I’m no longer filling out in the hips and butt. My already flat behind has become even flatter…ha…and that’s not exactly flattering!

So, because summer is a time where I literally work my butt off, I expect to lose more as the summer progresses. Harvest season will have me working hard, lifting, pulling, picking and running around getting things done.

Beyond work at home, I now have work away from home that will be adding to my plate. Less time where I’m allowed to shove food in my mouth makes it easy to decrease my caloric intake. Less time to write, less time to relax, less time to sit on my duff – it goes hand in hand.

So, with that all said, look forward to more updates on my Paleo Journey. While I may not write weekly I will try to keep you abreast of things related to Paleo I’m trying to incorporate into my busy, hot summer diet.

Sometime in the very near future I’ll have to find time to preserve my garden cabbage and daikon that have been recently harvested. With fresh broccoli already on my plate, the oncoming zucchini and green beans will put me into veggie overload! I’ll be dining from my very own Paleo friendly produce stand.


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