Paleo Journal: Diet? Or Just Living?

I figured I’d better write an update on my progress, or lack there of. As you all know, this past spring I did follow the Keto Diet for nearly 8 weeks and lost 12 pounds. After encountering a bump along the way I decided to stop and turn to Paleo instead.

How’s that going? Well, I’m back to my old eating habits. Three zucchini muffins in a day, yup, I did that just yesterday in fact. Molasses cookies, same fate. The only consolation is the fact my garden is overflowing with vegetables and I’ve been eating those in equally opposing amounts. I’ve got to refocus away from the sweets! If I don’t, I fear I’ll eventually end up back where I was by the end of the year.

For the most part my weight has continued to fluctuate between 148-150, perfectly acceptable for my 5’6″ frame – barely. As luck would have it and despite my food freedoms, I’ve kept the Keto weight loss off. Thank goodness!

On the good side of things, the gardening season has kept me busy and burning calories. The downside? I get so busy I forget to eat or I simply don’t have time to eat. This causes my blood sugars to crash and I end up grabbing a ‘quick bite’ such as those cookies or muffins and even chips. Not good.

They say the first step is acknowledging you have a problem. Now that I’ve done that, it’s time to once again, to focus on reducing my carbohydrate intake. Not all carbs are bad but my weakness for cookies, cake, breads and muffins, will be my downfall if I don’t watch it.

Reset. Reset. Reset.

We all fall off that horse from time to time. The key is not getting discouraged and to realize that continuing your ride is as easy as getting back up, dusting yourself off and grabbing the reins.

So, on that note, at least the cookies are gone and the muffins nearly finished. Time to collect myself and refocus on healthy weight maintenance. Any more weight loss at this point would just be a bonus – it’s all about living – the right way!


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