Hi Krislee, I was researching info (via Google!) on Sjogren’s, and I looked at facial rash pics. I saw yours, and clicked and realized my rash looks extremely similar to yours. Then I saw your link and read your posts and wanted to thank you for sharing. I have PsA, fibromyalgia and hypothyroidism. I was dx with PsA after a few years of rheumy visits, so I totally related to reading every thing I can find online about what’s going on with my body. My hubby thinks I’m OCD at times, but he is very supportive.
Again thanks so much! Almost forgot…I will be giving my rheumy and ENT a call to see what’s up now. Don’t want to go during the pandemic but I may not have a choice. This rash, dry mouth, and now facial pain and swollen salivary glands. My entire head actually hurts. Thought it was a sinus headache at first, but now it’s clearly not. Again, tks so much! It helps to know that I am not alone! Btw, will check out your animals and farm next. I’m an animal nut!

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