Auto-Immune Seasonal Transitions: Handling It With Grace & A Plan

As anyone with an Auto-Immune (AI) labeled disease knows, seasonal shifts can wreak havoc on our physical and mental well-being. While I may be early on in my Sjögren’s diagnosis, I have always struggled with the seasons cooling off and shifting into fall & winter mode. Now, the only difference is that springtime can be just as bad or worse.


Over the last 3 years, I’ve noticed what I considered a change in humidity that causes my skin to go crazy. Dry patches, rashes, acne in places ‘not normal’ for me and redness from trying to exfoliate the flaky areas. My lips tighten up and crack, as do my feet and hands. If it’s possible for a really fair skinned gal to become ‘chalky’, that would describe the appearance of my skin to a “T”.  I laugh jokingly that I have what I now dub “leg dandruff”.

I’ve dealt with the dryness in many ways. What once were light lotions have now turned into thicker dry-skin versions, to oils and body butters. Light foundations worn during the summer, have shifted to thicker, wax based formulas for winter. Basically, anything that can add moisture and preserve it all day long is my best friend. And those are just the prerequisite requirements for any product I might consider using.

On top of the skin battle comes joint stiffness, pain, weakness in my hands, slippery grip due to my hands being dry. Just recently, I can even add hair loss to my laundry list of ‘little things’ that have changed. While not ideal, my symptoms are far from being the most dastardly symptoms other people with Auto Immune diseases have experienced.

Thankfully, my early diagnosis has allowed me a little time to prepare myself for what may lie ahead. At first, I read a ton of literature and studies on preventative methods to help curb the possibility of flare ups. Through this reading I’ve developed a plan…or rather an experiment…for myself as we head into the dark, cold season of fall & winter.


For starters, I have been adding supplements to my diet – a great multi-vitamin with plenty of D3. The goal? To not experience that dip in natural Vitamin D production which generally occurs with the absence of sunlight. Hopefully, and I’m crossing my fingers here, hopefully it will keep some of my more aggravating spring symptoms at bay.

Another great option I’ve planned for myself is CBD Oil. I now have it in 3 forms, a vape pen, concentrated oral drops and a salve for topical application. The main benefit of CBD is its ability to reduce inflammation naturally. Yes, I could dose up with ibuprofen but my liver would surely pay the price for it. CBD is a great natural option for anyone experiencing chronic pain or anxiety.  Follow this link to see where I order from – CLICK HERE.

I’ve researched a few other supplements I will introduce as the winter progresses. Cat’s Claw, Magnesium, Colloidal Silver, Vitamin B12 and Lysine top the list of my medicine cabinet must-haves.

Liver support will be a huge focus from here on out.  Health isn’t just about taking pills to provide your body with the means to deal with symptoms.  Most importantly, you need to keep your body (your liver) free of those things it doesn’t need or want.  Because your liver naturally filters so many toxins out of your body, you need to treat it well.

If you haven’t read Anthony William‘s book, Liver Rescue, you should!  While I’m a skeptic when it comes to mediums and talking to spirit, his “communications” pointing to the Epstein-Barr virus culprit, has helped people.  In light of so many positive reviews in regards to the treatments included in his book, I was encouraged to read it for myself.

If you’d prefer reading something a bit more medically founded then Dr. Kasia Kines has a great book titled, The Epstein-Barr Virus Solution.  IF you have or know someone who may have an Auto Immune Disease – I encourage you to read more on EBV.  Heck, IF you’ve had Mono in your youth and now in your 30’s & 40’s find yourself mysteriously ill…READ THESE BOOKS!

With further research on AI causes, there are sooooo many arrows pointing to the Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV).  Lots of strides have been made through practicing proper diet…a way of eating to support your body in doing what it does best.

To best achieve this support I’ve started juicing (think celery juice and apple juice) and adding an organic super greens or a concentrated berry powder.  Wild blueberries, dates, dandelion tea, apples, the list goes on!  Here’s a list of a few of the items I purchased to support my body throughout the long winter:

Steve’s Paleogoods – Dried Blueberries

Organic Medjool Dates

dandelion DNA Tea

Organic Greens

Blueberry Powder

Cat’s Claw

Super Lysene

Sovereign Silver

Cuisinart Juicer

In a world full of toxins and processed foods, it’s not surprising that humanity as a whole is fighting disease in such extreme concentrations.  Chronic disease is on the rise and big pharma may not be what ultimately cure us.  What we are feeling, HOW we are feeling, is just a symptom of something with a far greater reach than we could have ever imagined.


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