One of My Favorite Words

Simplify, is one of my favorite words. In all its forms from Simple, to Simplicity to Simplify, it exudes the core essence of what something is. It’s what I want my life to be, in the purest, most elemental form. Simple.

Just because something lacks adornment or complication, there is still beauty in the fabric of it all. Take for instance natural muslin. At first glance it may not shine, sparkle or hold the attention of someone who might briefly glance at it.

Honestly, I think it is the act of comparison that holds this humble fabric to be dismissed. Next to fabrics of various colors, textures and printed patterns…muslin is by nature, simple.

But what if you were to look closer? Would you be able to recognize the fabric’s potential and it’s inherent nature? It is beautiful!

Most muslin contains natural shade variations, from the light creamy ecru fibers to flecks of deep coffee hued fibers. The weave of the fabric is such that natural variances in fiber thickness lends texture across its expanse. It is naturally beautiful because of its simplicity.

While some may say it is boring, you just have to remember that because of its simple nature, it can hold a beautiful spectrum of colors, stains too! Beyond that, it can be pressed, creased and allowed to become its own glorious array of texture. Who said wrinkles can’t be beautiful!?

This is how I have always tried to view life. By simplifying and teasing out all of the things that overly adorn our lives we are able to see the natural beauty of what life is. We can better reflect on what holds more meaning and priceless value. Ironically, simple and precious, are truly synonymous terms. Or, at least they are for me.

Sometimes, we make life far too complicated. We place too much value or importance on things we cram our lives full of. People blindly run from here to there, do this or that and come home exhausted. They unknowingly miss or lack the time or ability to appreciate the simpler things in life.

When life starts to feel overwhelming or stressful, try taking inventory of what matters most. Weed out some of those things taking you away from enjoying the simple moments. Don’t be afraid to say, “No” once in a while. And, for goodness sake, quit comparing yourself to everyone else – I bet they don’t realize what they are missing!



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