$5 Target Beauty Box – January 2019 (get it before its gone!)

As some of you may know, I’m a fan of anything that comes in the mail – especially Beauty Boxes! In the past I’ve had Walmart Beauty Box, IPSY, Fab Fit Fun and now I’m adding the Target Beauty Box to that list. After seeing they had their January 2019 box for only $5 (that includes shipping folks) I jumped! And, FYI – there is no commitment beyond this one box.

First things first – it is darned cold outside this time of year. I knew things would likely come frozen and indeed they were. So, be prepared and accept that you are taking a risk when ordering anything liquid during the winter months. Thankfully, most packaging these days is plastic and very forgiving. Most products are also designed to remain stable through freezing temperatures.

The box comes nicely packaged with a rundown of the items included. On the back side of the insert there is a coupon for $3 off a $15 beauty purchase at Target.

Drumroll please!

Look at all these great items! The deodorant is full sized, you get a generous amount of body wash and great try-it/travel size toothpaste, oil, eye liner, micellar water and cotton rounds.

Now to break it down!

Love Beauty & Planet

Argan Oil & Lavender Deodorant – Full sized, $6.99 value!

Method Body Wash

Pure Peace infused with peony, rose water & pink sea salt – 3.4 fl oz (worth about $1.25) – Regular size is 18 fl oz, $6.99.

Up&Up Premium Cotton Rounds

Sample 2pk – Regular size is 100 rounds, $2.99

Maybelline Eye Studio Master Precise All Day Liner

Black – $5.99 value!

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula

Skin Therapy Oil, .9 fl oz (worth about $1.50) – Regular size is 5.1 fl oz, $8.46 on sale!

Schmidt’s Naturals

Travel Sized Activated Charcoal Toothpaste (worth about $1) – Regular size is 4.7 oz at a price of $4.99.

Garnier Micellar Water Waterproof

Our sample was 1.05 fl oz (worth about $1.25) – Regular size 3.4 fl oz at $3.99.

My deduction Watson?

All in all, I totally think this Target Beauty Box is worth it. I received about $18 worth of product in exchange for a $5 investment – NOT BAD! While I have a couple of these items already, I’m excited to try a few new-to-me items I’ve wanted to try but hadn’t purchased yet. Click HERE to get your Target Beauty Box!!!

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