Ear Fleek Review & Discount Referral Code

Ear Fleek is a monthly earring subscription service. While you can’t exactly choose the exact pair of earrings you receive monthly, you can choose the general style – and they are yours to keep! If you do find something else you like, you can always purchase them separately through Ear Fleek and they will send them to you along with your monthly sparklers! The best part? The subscription is CHEAP and you can stop whenever you wish!

I’ll admit, I’m one of those women who always wears the same earrings, day in and day out. Mostly its because I’m lazy, but when it really comes down to it, I just don’t own very many pairs of fun earrings. Ear Fleek is changing my dull ear predicament and I’m excited!

I like surprises so this style of subscription service suits me, but like many of you, I was initially concerned with the reactivity of the earring metals. According to Ear Fleek, Sterling Silver, Copper, Plastic, Titanium and Platinum are found in their earring styles. They are tested to contain no Nickel and therefore are considered allergy-free!

The first shipment I received was only $1.75 with referral code. Each month to month subscription after that runs $3.49 where you can choose from Minimalist But Groovy, Boho Babe or Silly & Fun categories. If you wish to switch up your style choice…no problemo…you can do that every month if you want to! Or, if you still wish to save a bit more moolah, you can sign up for their pre-pay option and pay ahead for the entire year (prices vary depending on style of pre-pay package you choose, $20-$38).

Want a little more control? Either directly shop for earring styles in addition to your subscription or take advantage of Swiping. Just like a popular dating app, you can swipe left or right to let Ear Fleek know what styles you love or which ones you’d rather see on someone else.


I was so excited to see my first Ear Fleek envelope arrive in the mail! Everything was well packaged, far better than I had set myself up to expect.

Whether you have questions, comments or in the case of accidental damages during shipping, Ear Fleek has that covered. My earrings were perfect!

I have to say, I was thrilled with these little earrings. I initially signed up for the Minimalist But Groovy style. They literally go with everything, they have long posts (for those of us with thicker earlobes) and they felt pretty weighty (not cheap). When not in use, I plan on storing them in much the same fashion I received them. The plastic zip pouch will keep them dust-free and easy to find both halves of the pair…very handy!

As I wait for my second pair of earrings to come, I’m making it a point to start Swiping! I’ve even changed my preferred style to Boho Babe and see if I can snag some dangles. Here’s my referral link so you can try this fun subscription service…the first pair is under $2! CLICK HERE FOR YOUR EAR FLEEK DISCOUNT!

And here’s an idea…a pre-paid yearly subscription would make a great gift!!



  1. I was not happy they wouldn’t honor the referral I put on the account. Let them know I was unhappy and was thinking about canceling. I was still going to try the first month. I have three girls and seeing how I told them the earrings were coming, I planned to stay for the month and maybe be redeemed from the negativity I felt. Joe canceled all three subscriptions and now my girls won’t be getting a set at all. Very disappointed!


    1. That is too bad Nicole. Perhaps it was a bit of a misunderstanding but I was very satisfied with my experience but have since discontinued my subscription because there are only so many earrings I can wear.


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