VIPON: Find Great Deals Using Coupon Codes On Amazon

If you are an online shopper like me, you are probably familiar with Googling coupons to use at various online stores. Perhaps the most difficult site to find coupons for is the outrageously famous But, what if I shared my secret to finding amazing Amazon coupons? Interested?

Vipon (pronounced Veep-On) offers coupons for many common and more obscure products you might not realize exist on Amazon. From IPad cases with keyboards (such as the one I’m using right now) to personal care products and home goods, this site has it all. I’ve purchased shoes, clothing, tools and items for my pets (including my chickens!) using coupons from this site.

The best part? Its the massive discount! You can expect to find products at prices 30%, 50% and even 70% off or more! I’ve even grabbed some steals at nearly free or completely free prices. Honestly, I think the UPS guy knew me by name when I first found this site!

VIPon Website

It’s simple. Sign up for free membership, no requirements necessary, no required reviews to write…nothing! Once you are in, you can use the app or website to search for the products you want. When you find something that catches your interest, click on the item for more information (including a link directly to the product listing on Amazon). When you are ready to purchase, just click the “Get Coupon” button to request a coupon code for use at Amazon checkout to receive your discount. Download the App HERE!

VIPon App

Yes! It’s that easy! One tip that I’ve noticed over the years is that it is best to use only 1 coupon per order so the Amazon website/App doesn’t get confused. Since the coupon codes come directly from the seller, it’s important you follow the Vipon link to the product you wish to purchase. This will avoid the confusion between other sellers who are offering similar products on Amazon.

As with any coupon, read the coupon terms for size or color limitations before you request the discount. Use your coupons sooner, rather than later – as they are not guaranteed. If an offer expires, the seller’s stock has run out or used coupon limit has been reached, you’ve lost the deal. Other than that, the deals are there to be had – even freebies!

Another tip, watch your shipping. I you already have Amazon Prime, you stand to gain the most from using coupons through Vipon. Orders Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA) are more likely to qualify for free Prime Shipping. Vipon supplies you with the link directly to Amazon to review the item. Once there, look over the reviews, check the shipping details and decide for yourself if the item is something you wish to add to your Amazon shopping cart and return to Vipon to request the coupon.

There are some limitations to the number of coupons you can request each month…but unless you go hog wild and make over 150 orders, then you’ll be good. Click here for a list of Vipon common questions and answers.

Still curious? You can check out Vipon on Facebook to view some of their current deals!

All in all, Vipon is a great tool to save money on Amazon. Whether you find something you need or something you didn’t know you needed – it’s all a good deal! Here’s the link for the Vipon App download, you won’t be sorry…Happy Shopping!


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