Swap.com: New Clothes at Second Hand Prices!

Oh my gosh you guys! Who wants 40% Off their first purchase??? Check out the link at the bottom of this Swap.com blog!

Even though my New Year’s resolution was to shop less, I knew my spring/summer closet needed a slight overhaul. At the end of last season I emptied my closet of items I have had for years which left me with very few warm weather tops acceptable for work.

Being the thrifty spender that I am,, I visited Swap.com once again to scroll through page upon page of tops and blouses. No kidding – they have tens of thousands of tops in my size range but I chose to narrow down my search to ‘New with Tags’ or ‘Like New’ items. Further reducing the field, I zoomed the scope of my search down to items less than $15, avoiding brands I knew wouldn’t fit me right.

At the end of my spree, my cart came down to just around $100 for 11 pieces, each checking in at $11 or less! Most of these were ‘New with Tags’ which made me feel confident that I would be receiving quality items for the price. And boy, was that true!

This Swap.com box was a home run! There were a couple pieces I was unsure of but ordinarily items with shelf bras are a gamble for me anyway – no big deal, I can cut it out and go on my merry way. For the most part, I was 99% satisfied!

Trying on my purchases I generally hold back my enthusiasm for tops I love on the hanger. Just like shopping in a store, some things were bound to fit a little tight in the bust, loose in the bum, or just plain strangely – the curse of big boobs forces me to wear larger sizes. *Sigh

The only issues I had were the fit of the Loveapella shirt – not surprising as it’s a brand I’m not familiar with – and the Coldwater Creek colorblock shirt (and that was due to the material). However, these were not large enough issues that would keep me from wearing the pieces for a price of $7-$8 each.

Having envisioned wearing my purchases with the included white jeans (albeit the jeans were a size larger than normal due to “winter weight”) I proceeded forward. Here’s a few shots of my try on! And yes, I’m hoping the jeans shrink a bit in the wash because I can’t fill the hips out. Please keep in mind, this is NOT how I would style any of these tops! I’d also have on a better bra to contain the girls, a spot of makeup on, hair done and maybe some contacts in!

I’m actually wearing only the shelf bra for support in this one!
The neckline is a little different, i’m thinking black capri pants and sandals.
This top is waaaaay prettier in person – I was excited about this one!
Accessorized property this could be cuter!
This was the snug one! Whew!

As you can see, I love the ease of wear and the style of my chosen blouses. Cute! Many of these blouses can be worn spring, summer and fall – just add a tank top underneath or jacket for warmth.

I’d urge you to try Swap.com – you have nothing to lose due to their 100% satisfaction guarantee. See http://returns.swap.com/ for details. AND, I can pretty much guarantee you will be going back for more once you experience the savings! Follow the link below to get 40% off your first purchase.

Swap.com 40% Off

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