Cheap & Easy Manicure with Nail Wraps

Who out there likes to talk with their hands? Or, like me, your hands take a beating during garden season and your fingernails tend to look unkept? Maybe you like the look of a manicure but you can’t bring yourself to spend the money every few weeks? I have a solution for all of you!

Nail wraps!

Nail wraps, also known in some circles as nail stickers have been around for ages. While many of them tout the benefits of being “just like polish – only easier”, some still require polish remover because they are in fact – nail polish. A few widely known brands can run as much as $20 a set!

Other types are nothing more than glorified stickers but there’s a certain ease to them that I personally enjoy and the designs can be so much fun! The type of wrap you prefer is totally up to you but I’ve found not having to mess with polish removers or needing to soak off my manicure is wonderful.

Over the past couple years I’ve loved my Lily and Fox nails. Running around $2.99-$9.99 per set, they are easy on the pocketbook and they have lots of cute designs, classy solids and glitters. Just apply them with a quality base coat (I use Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Hardener), wait a day and seal with a shiny top coat – you will be rocking a solid manicure for a good 2-3 weeks! To remove, I gently peel them off and get on with my day. Check them out, you won’t be sorry.

Lily and Fox

After seeing some Amazon sellers offering similar products I decided to try them to see how they stacked up and boy was I pleasantly surprised! Using the same base coat and top coat method, these nail wraps lasted quite well for the price. At only $1 or less per set, how could you not want to try these? Nail Wraps from Amazon

Budget friendly Amazon nail wraps

*I do not make money by referring you to Lily and Fox but they are super awesome and budget friendly! However, I am an Amazon Associate and do make a little commission if you decide to purchase though the Amazon link I’ve provided. So – thank you!

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