From the dirt to our plate; the trials and realities of first-time farm ownership

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Growing our own food also means raising our own animals.

Dirt On My Plate’s Top 3 Shelf-Stable Chicken Treats!

On our 25 Acres, we like to treat our animals as we would treat ourselves. When it comes to snacks, shelf-stable goodies are where its at!…


Community Chickens: The Black Chicken Poop Caper

After adding a good dose of wood ash to my chicken’s dust bathing area I received quite a shock. Not only do my birds like to…


Community Chickens: Winter Egg Laying Slow Down

Here’s my most recent article on finding fewer eggs left behind in nesting boxes. Winter is hard on everybody, even the chickens. Read along to find…


Community Chickens: 10 Must Have Items To Simplify Flock Care

Check out my most recent article on Community Chickens! I have a list of 10 items every flock owner should consider. Not only will they improve…


Chicken Urgency: A Recent Bout Of Winter Pecking

It wasn’t exactly a chicken emergency today, so I’m just going to call it a chicken ‘urgency’. After checking in on the flock to make sure…


Fighting Intestinal Parasites Naturally: Diatomaceous Doggie Delights Recipe

When it comes to keeping our animals healthy, I for one always try to treat them as naturally as possible. I don’t like running to the…