From the dirt to our plate; the trials and realities of first-time farm ownership

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From the dirt comes food for my plate. If you are looking for gardening news, this is the place to find it!

Homestead Hustle: ND Cottage Food Act & What It Means To You!

North Dakota laws are changing all the time. Last year ND brought you the Cottage Food Act in very general terms but in 2018, look forward…


Homestead Hustle: How To Plan What You Plant For Successful Sales At The Farmer’s Market

I went ahead and finally ordered my seeds for the upcoming garden and market season! Yay! Read my Homestead Hustle article to glean some great information…


Homestead Hustle: Tips To Choosing A Greenhouse

Have you ever heard the old saying, “The early bird gets the worm?” Well, in the business of selling produce at farmer’s markets this fact couldn’t…


The Dirt:  Invasive Weeds, Old Equipment & Turning It Up

For those of you unfamiliar with the property we have here at Dirt On My Plate,  my husband and I purchased a farm that had been…


Homestead Hustle:  Saving Seed Helps Reduce Costs

Here’s my latest addition to Homestead Hustle with Mother Earth News!  The initial investment of purchasing seed for your produce stand garden can be hefty.  Learn…


Homestead Hustle: Becoming A Farmer’s Market Vendor

Here’s a link to my latest addition on the Homestead Hustle!  If you’ve ever thought about offering your home grown produce at a local Farmer’s Market…