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Dirt On My Plate began with 3 rows of above ground planter boxes in a small back yard.  It was a meager start to something that would grow far beyond our wildest dreams.  My husband and I wanted to live a life with more land, fewer neighbors and the freedom to do some of the things we had always aspired to do “one day”.

One farm purchase and 25 acres later, we now find ourselves surrounded by expansive fields, egg laying chickens and emerging in-ground gardens of our own.  Through our ongoing experiences, we aspire to balance life as we once knew it with a more rural, hobby farm lifestyle.

While my husband retained his job, I traded mine for a shovel and a blog.  Life on the farm is never dull, I have plenty to write about and lots of endless work to do.  This blog shares many of the trials and realities of living life away from the city.  It’s true, you are never too old to try something new.  Our future is bright, as life on 25 acres grows.


If you’d like to know more or if you have questions about changing your lifestyle and diving into farm living, feel free to contact us.

Currently, we grow our gardens to raise produce for ourselves, the local Farmer’s Market and to donate to those in need.  All monetary donations made on this site will go towards the gardens to support growing fresh, healthy fruits and vegetables.  A portion of each harvest season is donated to the local food pantry and/or given to those who are in need.