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Essential Oil Starter Kit

Let me start by saying this, I don’t blog with the intent of selling anyone on anything!  I created my blog in an effort to share a few things about my life, living, family, gardening and the things I do in my own home.  Sometimes, there may be little gems of important stuff you can learn from…and other times…well, lets just say there’s stuff that is not so important.

In the case of essential oils, I purposely leave out the fact I’m using Young Living Oils in my blog articles.  I’m sure there are many quality oils out there but this is the one I personally know and trust – hence the reason I use them.

By being a Young Living Distributor I’m bound by disclaimers, FDA regulation and Young Living policy and procedures.  As you can imagine, this is a very tangled web to navigate!

In an effort to spread the word and allow the essential oil slick to spread far and wide, I’ve created this page so you too can explore Young Living Essential Oils.

By purchasing a Premium Starter Kit with a Young Living Membership you will be taking a great step forward in your oily journey.  Not only will you receive wonderful oils and a diffuser, you will continue to receive 24% off retail pricing as a wholesale distributor!  It is a great deal!

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Being a wholesale distributor doesn’t mean you have to sell, sell, sell.  What it does mean is that you can purchase high quality oils at a discounted rate.  Distributors must buy 50 PV per year (the equivalent of approx $50) in oils.  Distributors wanting to earn points towards free product in the Essential Rewards Program would need to buy the same 50 PV each month in order to earn points.  You can choose what type of Membership you wish to have.  And, if you do wish to sell, sell, sell…Young Living does have commission pay outs!

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