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Basic Brine Recipes & Creating A Unique Pickling Spice: BBQ Pickled Red Cabbage

Having grown a number of cabbage in this year’s garden I encountered a dilemma on how to pickle or preserve it for winter use.  I found…


Refrigerator Pickles – Cool Preservation in the HOT Summer Kitchen!

  Behold the wonders of homemade pickles!  On hot days the mere thought of canning has me sweating.  The rewards are great but you have to…


5 Rules of Small Space Canning

After yet another round of canning in the camper I felt the need to write about food preservation in small spaces.  Until the new farmhouse kitchen…


The Horrors – Improper Canning and Preserving

This topic is very close to my heart because I do love canning and preserving but I never thought to consider the impact improper canning could…