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Chicks:  Batch #1 & #2 Update

As we creep closer to butcher time I am constantly watching over my growing chicks.  For the most part, I can tell which birds are sexing…


Chick Sexing On the 3rd Week: Your Thoughts?

As you all may know I’ve been testing out a theory of chick sexing using tail feather development.  In chick batch #1 the this style of…


Sexing Chicks

I know, the title begs to be made fun of…especially if you are a teenage boy.  But, this is a serious business.  The art of sexing…


Chick / Duckling Brooder Tote

Being prepared and well set up to keep your newly hatched chicks or ducklings safe is a necessity.  Drafts, curious cats, children and even dogs pose…


Incubating Eggs:  A First Timer’s Experience

For Christmas I told my husband that all I wanted was an incubator.  I researched and read reviews on so many of them I was practically…