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Community Chickens:  Top 5 Reasons To Raise Chickens

Here’s today’s addition to Community Chickens!  Of course I believe everybody should have chickens but this isn’t just because I’m crazy about them.  Here are my…


Community Chickens:  Chicken Coop Care According To Season

Check out my most recent blog addition on Community Chickens!  Chicken coops don’t just stay static season after season – they change according to the temperature!…


The Great Ammonia Battle

As temperatures keep falling and snow levels increase I find myself struggling to keep my coop ammonia levels at bay.  It’s not always possible to keep…


Preparing for Poultry: What’s Needed

I have decided Dirt On My Plate was in dire need of a section focusing on farm animals hence the addition of The Animals in my…


Week 6: Putting It Back Together Again

WEEK 6: Summary It is pretty amazing how fast time flies. It feels like we have torn apart so much yet our results seem to yield…


Week 5: The Poultry Palace and ohhhhh so much more!

WEEK 5 This week started with a plethora of activity all commencing with a 3-day holiday weekend. Earlier in the week I was able to complete…