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Community Chickens: Winter Egg Laying Slow Down

Here’s my most recent article on finding fewer eggs left behind in nesting boxes. Winter is hard on everybody, even the chickens. Read along to find…


Community Chickens:  Top 5 Reasons To Raise Chickens

Here’s today’s addition to Community Chickens!  Of course I believe everybody should have chickens but this isn’t just because I’m crazy about them.  Here are my…


Farm Fresh Eggs

Even though it has been a few months since I’ve started getting eggs I’m always looking for better ways to utilize them.  I’ve learned a lot…


Week 27: Entering the Downhill Slide

WEEK 27 We have just passed the half-year mark here on the farm and I couldn’t be more pleased with all that we have accomplished so…


Devil-ish Eggs and Delightful Cookies

Over the past few months I’m sure a few of you have read how I’ve struggled to find my drakes some lovely ladies.  Not only did…


Week 20: Duck Eggs & Bacon, Anyone?

WEEK 20 Holy smokes!  It’s been 20 weeks or 5 months since we officially started this crazy journey!  Time has passed fairly quickly but in some…