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Everything Thieves

Essential oils are all the rage these days with an increasing number of people turning to more natural based health care and cleansing products.  In fact,…


All Things Amazon

As a lover of all things Amazon I’m usually raving about deals found online.  This time of year, my order list is out-of-site with Christmas shopping…


DIY Essential Oil Skin Care

Admittedly, this can be a very broad topic as many of the essential oils out there do awesome things for the skin.  *Most have antiseptic properties…


Palmarosa Essential Oil

*Palmarosa Essential Oil has antiseptic properties as well as antiviral, bactericidal, cytophylactic, digestive and febrifuge.  Mostly, the oil is used as a flavoring agent or additive to…


Peppermint Essential Oil

Oh how I love the freshness of peppermint.  It’s like a zippy, icy breeze running across my tongue in the middle of a North Dakota blizzard…


Grapefruit Essential Oil

My first impression of Grapefruit Essential Oil is that its pretty mellow.  Unlike some of the stronger, tart oils such as Lemon for instance; this oil gives…