From the dirt to our plate; the trials and realities of first-time farm ownership

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Week 27: Entering the Downhill Slide

WEEK 27 We have just passed the half-year mark here on the farm and I couldn’t be more pleased with all that we have accomplished so…


Week 3: Establishing Gardens – Dirt, rock and old treasures

WEEK 3 We are tuckered out as WEEK 3 and planting season is just beginning. Thanks to my son and a handy skid steer rental the…


Making a Dream a Reality

My husband and I would repeatedly proclaim that”someday”we would eventually own a home with plenty of land to make  our dreams a reality.  He dreamed of…


Our New Homestead – A Serendipitous Moment

   My husband and I have been dreaming about this moment for quite some time.  Somehow, the stars magically aligned and we embarked upon this journey…