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IPL Session 4: Noticeable Improvement

So, here’s a quick update on my IPL sessions to help reduce the color in my facial sun spots.  I’m approximately 4-5 days post session number…


IPL Session 3:  Goin’ Down With The Brown

I just wanted to post a quick update post Session 3.  I am excited to say the dark “coffee ground” skin has made its way off…


IPL Session 3: Progress!

Pumping up the juice on session 3 seems to show a little progress.  This is exciting for me as the first two sessions didn’t render any…


IPL Session 2: 3 weeks post

It has been just over 3 weeks since my last IPL session.  I wish I could say I’m seeing results but no such luck.  I’m thinking…


IPL Session 2: Easy Peasie

Session two wasnt nearly as tough.  The process was exactly as before, which is why I believe it was much easier on me.  I knew what…


Oh, I’m so Vain

Today is THE day for my Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) consultation.  I’m admittedly a little nervous but carpe diem, you only live once and all that…