From the dirt to our plate; the trials and realities of first-time farm ownership

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Week 28: Autumn Working Weather

WEEK 28 This week brought with it plenty of beautiful weather, so much so, it felt like an extension of summer.  The fall season has been…


Week 26: The Heat is ON

WEEK 26 The inevitable happened this week and yes, I know it has been long overdue.  At long last the wood stove has been installed with…


Week 25:. A Brief Summary

WEEK 25 Cold weather means slow moving when it comes to tasks here on the farm.  First off this week was fire wood.  Jeff worked hard…


Week 21: Kitchen Euphoria…Nearly

WEEK 21 We are nearly there.  I see the finish line.  I can almost taste it!   Week 21 has been one crazy, whirlwind of a…